EdWell – A Synthesis of Education and Wellness

When we reflect on our erstwhile President Dr. A P J Abdulkalam's vision to make India a superpower nation by 2020, we come to the startling realization that all progress in this ambitious direction could come to an abrupt halt unless we come up with a permanent solution to the age-old problems of illiteracy, poverty, child labour, and malnutrition that have continued to plague our nation for long.

EdWell – a name formed by the synthesis of ‘education’ and ‘wellness’, the basic foundations that buttress a well-developed society – represents a crusade against the basic issues of illiteracy and lack of well-being that hinder the development of society.

We are on a mission towards creating an educated and healthy nation by rooting out these issues where they are most rampant, the underprivileged section of the society.
Project Chauraha

In February 2009, we launched our first project – Project Chauraha – at a slum in DLF Phase V, Gurgaon, where we operate a school for over 150 kids, teaching them the English and Hindi alphabets, and basic Math. We follow a modern pedagogy with the use of visual and audio equipment, which not only makes learning entertaining and fun but also serves as an easily replicable method of teaching that can be implemented successfully at other locations.

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A Self-Sustaining Model

As passionate as we are towards making a difference in the lives of the underprivileged, we are also determined to maintain self-reliability in our operations in order to ensure scalability and sustainability. With over sixty years of cumulative experience in the rural, social and environmental sectors, Team EdWell provides training and consultancy services to government agencies, NGOs and corporate organizations in

  • Environment
  • Rural development
  • Urban Development
  • Rural tourism
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